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What to Expect on My First Appointment


On your first appointment, there are a number of things that will happen.


First, we will make a copy of your driver's license (either that of an adult recipient or of the parent/guardian of the youth client), a copy of the client's Medicaid card, and a copy of the client's social security card (these forms of documentation are required by Medicaid).


Second, we will go through and complete the required program paperwork with you. Everyone is a little different, but this process takes anywhere from twenty to forty minutes. Some of the forms that need to be completed can be printed at home and brought with you, which can reduce the time spent on paperwork.


To Print and Bring With You:  Emergency Contact Form, Medical Hx Form, Behavioral & Academic Hx Form

Also for your Reference: Grievance Policy, Privacy Practices, Clients Rights and Responsibilities, Informed Consent


Third, the Recipient will meet with the LMHP to complete the initial assessment. For minors who are accompanied by their parent/guardian, the LMHP will want to speak to the Recipient as well as the parent/guardian. The Recipient must attend this appointment - even if s/he is young (this is a Medicaid requirement). Only the legal guardian can sign a child up for services and sign the documentation required by Medicaid for enrollment. In some cases it may be necessary to provide proof of guardianship. This process takes on average forty-five minutes to an hour


This is typically the end of the first appointment. The required documentation is sent to Medicaid to get an authorization for services. The assigned counselor will contact you while we wait for authorization, to introduce him/herself. An appointment with the psychiatrist will also be made during this time. Medication is not a required part of this program, but all new clients are asked to meet with the psychiatrist at least once, at the beginning of their time in the program.


Why Is There So Much Paperwork?


There is no way around it - participating in a State funded program  means lots of paperwork. The Medicaid program and/or individual insurance company, the State of Louisiana/ Department of Health, and CARF each requires certain forms. Not only do each of  these forms need to be present in each client chart, but they also need to be updated on a regular basis. We do understand how tiring it gets to do paperwork all the time, and we do our best to cut down on it as much as we are capable.


Is Medication Required?


No, Medication is not a required part of this program. As indicated above, all new clients meet with the psychiatrist at least once, at the beginning of their time in the program. After this appointment, the client (or parent/guardian) can elect not to pursue medication.


While medication is not a requirement of our program, receiving medication is not considered a stand-alone service. If a client wishes to work with our psychiatrist, s/he needs to be meeting regularly with their counselor. Clients who are not meeting with their counselor are not eligible for continued psychiatry services.


How Often Does the Counselor Meet with Us?


There should be on average two appointments per week with the counselors. These appointments take place in the home, out in the community (such as at the park or at the library), or in the school (school appointments happen only two or three times per month, if allowed by the school). Our counselors do not transport clients in their vehicles, so for any appointments in the community arrangements need to be made for the client to meet the counselor at the place of the appointment.


Team Based Services


In order to best meet the needs of our consumers, here at Progressive CCC we subscribe to the team approach. Not only will you and your family be working with the psychiatrist (if medications are being prescribed), but the treatment team also consists of your LMHP and the MHP and MHS who meet with you in the home.


The MHP/MHS meet with the family on average twice per week. One appointment may be the MHS alone, while the other might include both the MHP and MHS. That way the child and parents both get individualized attention so all needs are met and all questions are answered. Appointments might occur in the home, in the community, or in the school. Local area schools have indicated that services should only happen in the school a couple of times per month.


Meeting with your MHP/MHS weekly is an essential part of the MHR program. If you have any questions about the design of the program or what it entails, feel free to give us a call, or reach out to your LMHP.


Meeting with the LMHP


In addition to supervising the mental health professionals and specialists, your Licensed Mental Health Practitioner is responsible for completing the initial intake that brings an individual into services for the first time. The LMHP also completes the reassessment and service reauthorization, which Medicaid requires approximately every three months, along with an update to your treatment plan.


Meeting with your LMHP should happen every six weeks or so, to make sure that your family is happy with the services being provided, to answer any questions you might have, and to make any necessary changes to the treatment plan, so we are always working on what is most important and most helpful to you. Sometimes your LMHP might be able to meet with you on the day you or your child comes in to meet with the doctor; if not, we may schedule an appointment with you to come into the office.


If you miss your appointment for reassessment and the reauthorization period ends, it will not be possible to receive services again until that reassessment is completed. If that happens, please be sure to call us and reschedule as soon as you can!


If you ever have questions or concerns about the services you are receiving, your LMHP is a great resource to turn to! Do you need to meet with your LMHP? Contact us to schedule an appointment now!


Can We Still Get Medication if We Do Not Meet with the Counselor?


No, this program is not designed to be medication management alone. Meeting with the counselor on a regular basis is a required part of the program.


What Happens if I Want to Stop Participating in the Program?


Participation in this program is voluntary. If at any time you wish to stop being in the program, we will honor that choice. We do ask that you come in and meet with the LMHP one last time to do a discharge interview so we can discuss your decision to end your services and to give you any referrals you might need.


If you are receiving medication management and you wish to stop participating in the counseling part of the program, we will offer you some alternative places to get your medication management. Once you are no longer receiving counseling services with us it is no longer possible to meet with our psychiatrist, as medication management is not a standalone service.


If you ask to be discharged from our program, but you later decide that you want to come back into services, all you need to do is call our office. You will meet once again with the LMHP to complete whatever documentation is necessary with Medicaid then we will connect you with another MHP/S to restart your regular services.


What Happens if I Was Discharged But I Want to Come Back to the Program?


If you ask to be discharged from our program, but you later decide that you want to come back into services, all you need to do is call our office. You will meet once again with the LMHP to do a status review and complete whatever documentation is necessary with Medicaid then we will connect you with another MHP/S.


If My Child Is Already Getting Services, Is It Possible to Enroll Additional Family Members?


If you have a child who is receiving services, it is definitely an option to enroll additional children. Each additional child you would like to have in services would also need to have Medicaid, and would need to attend the same initial intake interview. Once that process is complete, we will request a unique service authorization for that child so we can start providing those services.


If you are interested in receiving services for yourself, or for an adult family member (19 or older), the process is a little different. Adult clients are required to get an independent assessment prior to registering with an agency. Once the independent assessment is completed, the information is sent to us, and we will schedule an appointment to complete our usual intake process. If you are interested in getting services with us we can refer you to a site to complete your independent assessment and get the process started.


How Often Will We Need to Come into the Office?


How often your family comes to the office will depend on which services you are receiving.


First, you will be coming to the office as we maintain your authorization to be in the program. After the initial intake, you will need to come in for a reassessment approximately every three months for reauthorization of services with Medicaid. To maintain the authorization, the treatment plan also must be updated with the LMHP once every six to eight weeks (that way, we continue to work on the most up-to-date and relevant goals/needs for you and your family).


Second, if you are interested in getting medication management, you will come to the office approximately once per month to meet with the psychiatrist. The frequency of your psychiatry appointments is something you would establish with your provider directly.


Third, if you are interested in getting individual or family therapy, this will also occur in the office. As with medication management, the frequency of these appointments is something you will set up with your provider directly.


Services with the MHP/MHS do not occur in the office, but rather in the home, community, and school. Those services occur approximately twice per week.

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